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Comfort you appreciate

Palac Motesickych is a luxury residential building in the heart of Old Town of Bratislava. Your dreams about great comfortable living will come true right here. Enjoy five stars services and 24 hour facilities of this historical building. The spacious apartments located on six floors provide their inhabitants with perfect comfort. The part of the complex is a unique garden right in the courtyard.

Safe modern home

The security system of the palace consiss from 4 several elements. It will be provided by lobby, camera monitoring system and card access system. Important is also 24/7 security service. For every apartment are available 2 or 4 free parking spaces in the underground garage. Elevators from the garage access to all floors of the building for your comfort. But this is still not everything in the package. The garage is technologically equipped with a new car washes. And if you need some office space Palac Motesickych provide also exclusive business premises at Gorkeho and Laurinska street.

Motesickych Palace - a place with a history

The history of palace on Gorkeho street dates back to 1590. The house has been probably known for centuries as one of the most luxurious inn in Bratislava. During the council meetings, court proceedings or the coronation of ugrian monarchs it was abode of wealthy aristocrats. The palace was rebuilt to its present form by Motesicky family. It was an old Slavic aristocratic family, whose origins date back to the 13th century. The building has become a discreet meeting place of the highest social class in men's riding club and the former casino.